For years, there has only been one or maybe two courses that deal with flexion - distraction training.  The great Dr. Jim Cox comes to mind, as does Dr. Paul Markey.  These two men were pioneers back in the mid to late 70's when it came to research and training with flexion - distraction tables.  Most of their work is still taught today, and it is considered a benchmark in this form of training.


It has been estimated, that nearly 65% of the chiropractic profession uses flexion - distraction therapy in some form or another.  Some use it as a major tool, while others use it more as an extra or add on treatment.


Back in 1981, Dr. Gary Huddleston graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic in Kansas City. Shortly after that, Dr. Gary and his father Bill started ACCUFLEX TABLES.  


Dozens of prototype flexion distraction tables were built, both manual flexion and electric flexion, before designs were finalized and sent to the market.


Over the course of five years, hundreds and hundreds of ACCUFLEX TABLES were sold, and most of them are still in use today.  A testament to their strength and longevity.  In 1986, the ACCUFLEX TABLE name was retired with the retirement of Bill Huddleston.


However, in that 33 year time span, Dr. Huddleston helped thousands and thousands of patients using both manual flexion, and electric flexion distraction as his main mode for patient treatment.  At one seminar, Dr. Huddleston adjusted 140 people on Friday, 383 on Saturday and close to 200 on Sunday. Many doctors actually brought their spouses in for treatment due to the great response they received that day or the day before.  Many doctors came back three or four times in order to obtain maximum treatment response in such a short period of time. 


With those patients, Dr. Huddleston had garnished a tremendous amount of clinical and practical knowledge.  Many parts of these findings have been published in Chiropractic magazines or journals over the years.  


It was now time for Dr. Huddleston to make this treatment program available to the profession in both an easy and applicable format.  THE SPINE SCHOOL  was born. 



THE SPINE SCHOOL now presents the special proprietory knowledge that Dr. Huddleston has gleened over the years, but he has also inserted proven, accepted, and published information that many of use are familiar with.  However, no one has put together an easy to learn program that combines flexion - distraction - manipulation, and spinal balancing all in one program. 


THE SPINE SCHOOL takes the doctor from the simplest of beginnings, and walks him through such clinical findings as disc protrusion, spinal stenosis, DJD, and facet syndrome, and presents the information in an easy to learn format that can be used in the clinic quickly, but learned quickly as well.  


THE SPINE SCHOOL is not an elaborate and technical writing, quoting and referencing vast and lengthy amounts of the excellent research that has been done.  THE SPINE SCHOOL explores and presents the information that doctors see and treat on a daily basis in a format that gets straight to the heart of the problem, and leads the doctor through the various diagnositic and treatment steps needed to obtain the best clinical results possible.


Once this has been accomplished, the doctor will then not only have the knowledge, but feel comfortable using that knowledge in building and implimenting a correct treatment plan or protocol fo rhis patient base.  Remember, the fastest way to build your practice is to get more people well.


THE SPINCE SCHOOL treatment parameters, that are thoroughly taught and explained, can now be used safely and  quickly to address the problems that your patients will bring to you.  It won't be long before you are considered the disc expert in your area.


A main difference in THE SPINE SCHOOL curriculum, is that besides flexion and distraction, a major tutorial is presented on cervical lordosis correction, spinal balancing, and key specific manipulation techniques that are category specific as they relate to the critical low back syndrome.


THE SPINE SCHOOL is priced as a stand alone program for only $395.00.  


Call Dr. Gary Huddleston personally at 573-745-1086 to discuss THE SPINE SCHOOL in more depth.