THE ACCU LASER-30 Class IV 30 WATT                    LASER FULLY PRICED AT ONLY $8,995.00                                          

Unfortunately, the Class IV laser has been an expensive tool that many just can't afford to buy. We have been lucky in the fact that several companies have introduced more affordable lasers of this power.  However, no one can match the price, and treatment capabilities of the Accu Laser-30 Class IV laser for only $8,995

All of the Accu Lasers not only offer a wide variety of treatment parameters and capabilities, but all have one of the easiest and fastest learning curves of any laser on the market.  There are no long training periods or difficult procedures to learn.  

Both of the laser units have large touch screens which makes changing treatment parameters easy and fast.  Plus, you have easy to use presets that you can make called "Smart Save" on the Accu Laser-30 for the most common conditions, or create your own and save them. The ultra simplicity of touching the screen gets you ready to treat in seconds.  The handy treatment guide also gives suggested treatment setups for the conditions you see every day.  You can also modify them as needed.  

As mentioned before, the Accu Laser -30 (30 watts) gives you the widest scope to treat any problem that may surface.  The lasers have a wavelength of 808nm, pulse width of 10-950ms and even non pulsed modes. 


All of the Accu Lasers come complete with everything you need.  They come with the Accu Laser-30 base units, power cord, laser emmiter, two pair of laser glasses, laser cart, laser sign, treatment parameters and power actuating foot pedal.  We also will be including a great advertising and marketing kit for free as well.


We have a full treatment video to show you such things as laser setup and starting a treatment.


Again, you will be amazed at the simplicity, power, and ease of operation of the Accu Laser-30 laser. 


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