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Currently, there are only one or maybe two “techniques” that teach spinal decompression. That is about   to change.

A technique is described as…”a specialized procedure or method used in a specific field”. A system is described as…”an ordered and comprehensive assemblage of facts, principles and doctrines or the like in a particular field of knowledge.” This is what the Huddleston S.M.A.R.T. System SPINEWERX Spinal Decompression and Rehabilitation Training is.

We are in the second coming of spinal decompression, a rebirth. No longer can a practitioner simply hook the patient up to a decompression table, turn the machine on based on the manufacturers settings, and expect great results. Notice we said great, not acceptable. The days of charging “$200 per visit and winging it on a hope and a prayer are long gone. Patients, especially in this economy, expect and demand more, and you as a doctor or therapist should give more.


Doctors and therapists need to be fully trained in diagnosis, centralization, peripheralization, extension and flexion forces, spinal remodeling, rehydration, whole body vibration, and kinetic activated decompression, and so much more.

It has unfortunately gotten to the point, where so much of the information and training is proved to the doctor or therapist is by equipment salesmen, or company reps.  


These people are probably well informed and educated on the setup and operation of the table they are selling.  However, very few of them have taken advanced spinal biomechanics, and anatomy classes any way close to the education that even the most basic of chiropractic provides.  


Most of the salesmen or reps will show you what few table positons there are as well as how to hook the patient up in the harness system.  They will then go over the pull patterns on how to treat each patient.  Remember, it is not pull patterns that really get patient well, but precise targeting, and spinal positioning.  


Very few if any salesmen actually have the expertise on how to diagnose a spinal stenosis, claudication, or degenerative facet syndrome, no less have an idea on  how to treat them.  Most of these salespersons do a good job of a certain thing, selling equipment.


One would be hard pressed to tell an insurance company or go to court and tell them that they had their spinal decompression training from a salesman of a company who sold equipment.


While no one can be expected to be the top expert in a field, proper training such as The Huddleston - SPINEWERX Spinal Decompression training is an excellent start.  This is information and training that has been highly researched and tested to produce optimum results.

Being correct, being an informed practitioner is not hard, you simply must be trained correctly and properly. It is not so much the equipment you use, but how you use that equipment.

The Huddleston S.M.A.R.T. System SPINEWERX  Spinal Decompression and Rehabilitation Training will give you this information, and more.

As mentioned before, many practitioners are very disappointed in the results they get when using decompression. If the doctor is disappointed, how do you think the patient feels, after all he or she are the ones in pain, and paying for the treatment at the same time.

Probably the main reason that great results are NOT obtained is for one simple reason, MUCH OF THE INFORMATION REGARDING SPINAL DECOMPRESSION TREATMENT IS INACCURATE OR TOO GENERIC!
The Huddleston S.M.A.R.T. System SPINEWERX Spinal Decompression and Rehabilitation Training, will take you through every aspect of the decompression system.
The S.M.A.R.T. System is so encompassing, so complete, whenever a possible disc problem candidate presents. You will also know if you can help them or not, as every patient is not a candidate for decompression treatment.


Lumbar Isolation and Pelvic Tilt Targeting.  The new Spinewerx table gives you not only full spinal ranges of motion, but the training needed to isolate certain segments and target them as well for optimum spinal decompression correction.


The Huddleston S.M.A.R.T. System SPINEWERX Spinal Decompression and Rehabilitation Training,  manual, and treatment logs is only $995.00, or FREE with a SPINEWERX DECOMPRESSION TABLE purchase, a true bargain compared to other “techniques” that cost nearly 40% more.