Many doctors, therapists and practitioners have asked for a laser and therapy table that offers fantastic ranges of motion, ease of operation, and comes with a very affordable price tag.  That table is here, The Medray Laser Therapeutic Table.


The Medray Laser Therapeutic Table allows for patient positioning in supine, prone, seated and many variations in between.  All cushions are adjusted easily and quickly for the ultimate in speed, control and safety.

With the extreme flexibilty of the Medray Laser Therapeutic Table, obtaining directional preference for treatment is easily obtained.  Prone, supine, flexed, and seated positions are all easily obtained.

The Medray Laser Therapeutic Table not only allows for easy patient entrance, but getting off of the table is easy as well.  The ADA qualifying lift goes down to one of the lowest heights possible and yet elevates the patient high enough for therapist comfort during treatment.


Use the castors to make the table more mobile, or lock it into place when the right location has been found.  Often, castors are options on most tables.


The Medray Laser Therapeutic Treatment Table is priced at only $1,495 (plus freight) whenever you purchase any Medray or Accuray Laser.  If purchased without a laser, the price is still and affordable $1,795 (plus freight).


If you have purchased either the Medray or Accuray Class IV Laser, you have already bought one of the best Class IV Lasers on the market.  Now, compliement you treatment by adding the Medray Laser Therapeutic Treatment Table.