Accuflex Tables and Lasers is pleased to announce the latest addition to the Medray family, the MEDRAY THERAPY SYSTEM ACOUSTIC WAVE.

The Medray Therapy System Acoustic Wave finally introduces an affordable acoustic wave that offers every feature and setup as units costing more than double, and yet gives you features not found on more expensive devices.

The Medray Therapy System Acoustic Wave is an FDA cleared and registered device.


It comes with five different treatment tips that are easily inserted and removed.  The Medray AW has some of the best treatment graphics of any AW on the market.  These exceptional graphics not only show the body part and parameters, but what treatment head is suggested.


All parameters can be edited as needed such as Hz or impluses per second, treatment time and power levels.


What makes the Medray AW so amazing, is that all treatment settings can be changed or edited on the emitter handle, meaning all parameters can be edited in seconds without having to stop the treatment and go to the base unit to do so.  There is no footswitch as with most acoustic wave devices.


The Medray Therapy System AW comes with a full one year warranty, treatment manual, emitter covers, and all supplies needed to start treating patients immediately.


There is no need to spend $12,000 for a good acoustic wave or even $8,000.  The Medray Acoustic Wave System sets the standard for features and price in one convenient package.