With the re-introduction of an iconic table name, AccuFlex 2.0 is pleased to announce our FREE marketing program to all doctors who purchase Accuflex 2.0 flexion - distraction tables.


Even though many doctors have been using flexion - distraction therapy for years, there is still a vast amount of information to be presented and learned.  Many doctors use their table for only one purpose, and that is low back pain.  However, many practitioners fail to realize that their flexion table can be used to treat scoliosis, DJD, cervical pain, and headaches.


One of the biggest advantages of the Accuflex Marketing System is that you will be furnished all aspects of flexion - distraction therapy, drop technique if the table is so equipped, leg checks, and if you have an AccuFlex Auto Flex table, the fabulous A.I.M. Concept, or Adjusting In Motion.  It was the A.I.M. Concept that allowed Dr. Huddleston to adjust 383 patients in one Saturday at an F.C.A. show in Florida.  He also adjusted 110 patients on Friday, and 134 on Sunday at the same seminar.


Besides Adjusting In Motion, the doctor will be trained on stretching techniques using the table, the spinal crawl, and different methods of distraction, both manually and using the optional B.L.A.S.T. (Bi Lateral Axial Spinal Tensioning), as well as range of motion enhancement.


The Accuflex Marketing System will help you obtain new patients for your new Accuflex Table as well.


We are also pleased to announce that with purchase, the doctor will receive free of charge, our newly written and trademarked, THE SPINE SCHOOL, a complete training package of flexion - distraction - manipulation and spinal balancing. This itself is a $495.00 value


Beside the A.I.M. Concept and The Spine School, you will also receive the new Accuflex 2.0 Marketing Kit.  This marketing kit is fully editable that allows you to put in your phone number, clinic address, and other information.  It contains print adds, posters, and brochures, all which will help you grow your practice.  Accuflex Tables is the only company that gives you a marketing kit for your new flexion - distraction table.