Updated again for 2021 is the Accuflex ECLIPSE electric flexion, without doubt, the best priced, best built, new style of electric flexion table on the market today.  Simply stated and compare around.  No manufacturer gives you the looks, standard features, quality and LOW PRICE as does the ECLIPSE table from Accuflex Tables.

First of all, compare the ECLIPSE's rugged construction.  All pieces are manufactured by CNC and Plasma cut computer controlled machines.  This assures you a top quality table, with perfect fit each and every time.  The ECLIPSE construction is tight and true and you can treat the lightest to heaviest patients with ease.

Even though there are similar electric flexion tables on the market, without reservations, none of them can compare to the ECLIPSE and the standard features that it offers.  Plus, similar tables that have LESS can cost at least $1,000 to $2,500 more, and their options which cost you more are included for free on the ECLIPSE.  You can spend more, but you cannot spend better.

it doesn't matter if you want a basic ECLIPSE flexion table or one with options such as drops, long axis distraction or elevation, the ECLIPSE wil give you all the features that you need or want in order to make your practice grow.  


When you compare the ECLIPSE with similar electric flexion tables, you will see the heavy industrial look that was encorporated into the construction.  I beam manufacturing ensures a table that will last for years if not decades.  The ECLIPSE probably weighs at least 75lbs more than a popular comparison.  This extra weight means stronger materials and the ability to last longer with fewer if any breakdowns.  Accuflex Tables doesn't build tables for your practice...they build them for life !


If you want more table for your money, then the ECLIPSE will fit that bill.


Adjustable face cushions are standard, and not even offered on more expensive tables.  


The hinge down abdominal can be locked in any position to accomodate patients with larger abdomens or for your pregnant patients.  This section can also be locked into extension which in turn gives more flexion and a deeper stroke.


Front lateral flexion with quick lock allows disc reductions to be made quickly and easily.  You can lock the section into place during treatment at any angle.


The tilt and decline headpiece assists with side posture adjusting or laying a patient on their back, which allows a more relaxed position.  The one finger trigger makes this adjustment easier.   


Use the adjustable ankle extension to treat taller patients or to make prone adjusting more comfortable.  Just unlock, pull out, and tighten the locking knobs.  The feature gives the doctor another 8" of length to their table.


The ECLIPSE can be ordered in fixed heights from 22" to 28" tall in 1" increments.  There is a wide array of premium upholstry colors to match any office.  


When all is said and done, the ECLIPSE's basic price tag of only $3,495 is nearly $5,000 LESS than a similar model from another manufacturer that gives you less features and a less heavily built table.  Compare them point for point and you will see where the ECLIPSE meets or exceeds every item with the more expensive table.

The ECLIPSE list of standard features is extensive.  You may also order affordable options as well.  Accuflex Tables is proud to list pricing, something many other companies won't do.


Ordering is easy, just call us at 573-745-1086 or email us at and we can do the order over the phone.  One half down is taken at order and the balance when the table ships in 5-6 weeks or less, some of the fastest shipping anywhere.  


If you're ready to upgrade, introduce, or replace some current tables, then the ECLIPSE electric flexio table can not only handle all of your adjusting needs, but double as an exam and therapy table as well.



*Stealth drive, the quietest and smoothest electric flexion on the market today

*Tilting headpiece

*Adjustable face cushions

*Adjustable patient traction bars

*Variable speed flexion, 1 - 20 flexion strokes per minute

*HInge down abdominal with extension capabilities

*Your choice of table heights (20 - 28) and upholstry colors

*On - off safety key switch for maximum safety

*NEW...plug in - plug out power cord and on - off foot pedal.  Makes moving table easier

*NEW...circuit breaker electrical system.  No more fuses to pop and replace

*Dura coat finish and plasma cut industrial construction, the heaviest anywhere

*The fabulous Accuflex marketing kit with certificate of completion

*Manual and training materials




*Forward drop cervical headpiece with tilt and adjustable face cushions - $325

*Thoracic drop - $325

*Lumbar drop - $325

*Pelvic drop - $325

*Electric long axis distraction - $695

*Elevating center column for ADA credits...22" - 29" - $1,295

NOTE:  With the ELCLIPSE elevating center column, the doctor does not need to adjust the pelvic section up or down when raising or lowering the table