Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. How long does it take to get my table?

A. We will strive to get you your new Accuflex Table as quickly as possible, usually within eight to ten weeks do to the custom nature of manufacturing.  We realize that your income and patients health depends on you and your equipment, so we will do our best to ship faster.  We have just moved to a larger shop, and will do everything to have your table to you in four weeks or less.


Q. Every table company has loads of options. How come ACCUFLEX TABLES doesn't?

A. The answer to this is simple. We build every ACCUFLEX TABLE loaded with features everyone wants, but doesn't really want to pay for. Every table comes STANDARD with the new headpiece that will tilt up and down easily and smoothly. There is also a hingedown abdominal that works glass smooth.  The ACCUFLEX  abdominal has been called one of the best in the business. There are also many other standard features as well, such as removable flexion - guide handle, and axial rotation.


Q. How do I pay for my ACCUFLEX TABLE?

A. We take all forms of credit cards, or you can mail us a check, or even do Paypal. Please note that all ACCUFLEX TABLES must be paid for in full before they can be shipped due to insurance. When you order, we will take a 50% deposit at the time of order. You can email us to order, or call us at 1-417-667-7770..


Q. How much is shipping?

A. We have a couple of different forms of shipping. One is what is called "White Glove Service". The table is brought into your office, set up in the room of your choice, and all debris such as boxing, pallets, or skids are removed. You do nothing but open the door.  Unfortunately, do to shipping regulations, this has become an extremely expensive method, but we will quote you the best price if you decide to ship this way, and if it is even available in your city.


 The second form of delivery is simply door to door. This method is less expensive, and it will be placed curbside, and you will have to unbox the table, as well as move it into your office, and dispose of the packing materials. We will be glad to quote both methods for you, and let you decide. You may also book your own shipping as well, or pick the table up at our shop in Osage Beach, MO.


Q. What do I do if I have a problem?

A. Simple, call or email us, we're here to help you. Our modular construction guarantees easy repair, if ever needed, and the strength and quality of materials used, guarantees a long life.


Q. Why should I order from a new company, I've never even heard of ACCUFLEX TABLES?

A. The name may be new to you, but ACCUFLEX TABLES was one of the largest table manufacturers for years.  The name was simply retired in the 1980's even though hundreds of ACCUFLEX TABLES are still in use.   The man behind the company is not new. When you order from ACCUFLEX TABLES, you are ordering from a known manufacturer with a 33 year history in the table and physical therapy industry. The tables are proven, and so is our reputation. In fact, Dr. Huddleston has even designed tables for other companies as well.  His tables are used by major colleges, teams in the NFL, MLB, and thousands of chiropractors and physical therapists.


Q. What about training on how to use my table?

A. Of course, we can't diagnose, or recommend a course of treatment. However, every table comes with an illustrated manual that shows you all the features of the table as well as identifying all parts. We have made it as simple as possible. We are very happy to announce that our complete technique, THE A.I.M. (Adjusting In Motion) CONCEPT is included in print form with each table order.  THE A.I.M. CONCEPT will take you through all parts of motion adjusting, leg length checks, cervical categories, range of motion enhancement, and motion assisted stretches. This is a fabulous and easy to learn technique, that will give many of your patients the help and relief they need.


Dr. Huddleston is also available for in office personal training for the doctor and staff.  The rates are very reasonable, and you will learn the A.I.M. Concept firsthand from the man who founded it.  Dr. Huddleston will also apply this technique to your patients to show exactly how it works.  Please call Dr. Huddleston personally at 1-557-2626 to discuss this feature.


Another new training feature is THE SPINE SCHOOL.  This course is over 300 powerpoint slides long, and covers every aspect of flexion - distraciton - manipulation - spinal balancing in an easy to learn format.  This course normall costs $495.00, but is for a limited time, free with the order of an ACCUFLEX REGAL or ACCUFLEX PHOENIX flexion table


Q. Decompression is really growing again, do you have a table that does decompression?

A. The new SPINEWERX  Spinal Decompression Table is without doubt, the most revolutionary, easy to use, and affordable decompression table to be introduced in years. We also offer the new HUDDLESTON S.M.A.R.T. SYSTEM OF SPINAL DECOMPRESSION AND REHAB. 


This is so much more than just a "technique" like others teach. It is a system that will be producing results faster than you or your patient could ever have imagined. This certification course is more affordable than any other on the market and more detailed as well, addressing all avenues of disc correction. Plus, the certification course is free with table purchase, as is our fabulous marketing kit. We would also like to mention that the new SPINEWERX Spinal Decompression table is the ONLY decompression table on the market that encorporates decompression, vibration, and proper spinal positioning.


It is funny that other companies brag about their features, but realize this.


1.  The SPINEWERX decompression table was the first decompression table to offer full caudal ranges of motion.


2.  The SPINEWERX decompression table was the first decompression table to offer whole body vibration.


3.  The SPINEWERX decompression table was the first decompression table to offer drops on their cushion segments.